May 28, 2017

Terms and Conditions

Haysky Technologies Terms and Conditions

Money Back

  • In case you want to cancel WHOIS data subscription, the cancellation should be done within 2 days from the date of payment.
  • In case of Web Hosting service from Spidyhost, we are not responsible for any kind of issues like payment, refund, service etc.
  • In case of Web development service, you can ask money back within 3 days only.

Security Reasons

  • It is up to you to maintain secure passwords for your website, according to password strength calculator.
  • Because of your weak and easily guessable passwords, if your website is hacked, we are not responsible.

Web Development

  • In case of web development service: You should define all your website requirements and specifications in initial stage itself. Once website is completed, no major changes will be done.

Renewal prices

  • Haysky does not provide guarantee for the same renewal prices.
  • Renewal prices may change anytime.
  • The prices of domain and hosting also changes from time to time. It is up to Spidyhost to change the prices.

Copyrighted Content

  • Haysky is team of web developers working together and sharing information.
  • Haysky is not responsible for any kind of copyrighted material found in blog or other developed websites.
  • If you want to report any abusive content, then please write to We will try to remove the objectionable content.


  • WHOIS data might not be available at 11:00 AM sometimes. It may delay due to various reasons. We try our level best to provide WHOIS data file as early as possible.
  • Haysky is not responsible for inaccuracy of details inside WHOIS data.
  • Haysky is not responsible for any misuse of the contact details of WHOIS data. Since it is publicly available.
  • Users are requested to Privacy Protect their domain details if they don’t want marketing agencies to contact them.