How To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score

How To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score

Herein this article we are going learn out How To Improve Google AdWords Quality Score for best results in our respective web-logs.
Google AdWords is the perfect match maker. When the user is searching for something and finds exactly what he needs that is what Google aims for and considers a great user experience. When ad provides a great user experience that is reflected in the Google AdWords Quality score. Quality Score is basically an attempt to describe the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign. In other words, Google AdWords Quality score is the type of grading mechanism where grades range from one to ten, ten being the highest and one the lowest.

Those of you running AdWords campaigns know that Google assigns a Quality Score to each keyword in a campaign. This score can have dramatic effects on your campaign performance and can give you an edge if you know how to increase your score. The idea is to award those advertisers who are providing the best experience to searchers from keyword query to landing page. Not just to those who have the most money behind their campaigns. If you provide a positive experience for searchers, you will find they, along with Google will reward you.

Why is it important to have a high Quality Score?
Having a high quality score brings all kinds of benefits. Just like it is in your personal interest to have a high Quality Score ad, it is in Google’s interest as well. For that matter, Google rewards ads with high quality score by reducing the fee per ad click and giving the ads a better position on the page. In other words, the more relevant your ad is – the higher quality score and the better your position – the less you will have to pay for a click.

How do they calculate the Quality Score?
Every time someone types in a keyword relevant to your ad, and by doing that triggers your ad, Google AdWords calculates the Quality Score. For the process of calculating the Google AdWords Quality Score, Google goes through number of different things related to your account. Namely, Google AdWords checks the relevance of your keyword – how relevant it is to your ads, how relevant it is to what a customer is searching for and how often that very keyword led to clicks on your ad. Google AdWords also reviews your whole account history – how well your ad has been doing on this and other sites, how successful your account has been in the geographic regions you’re targeting as well as your overall click-through rate for all the ads and keywords in your account. Last but not least, they check how often you received clicks with your display URL and the quality of your landing page (destination URL).

How do you improve your Quality Score?
If you are not satisfied with your quality score, do not worry, there are procedures you can take in order to improve it. First of all Google AdWords offers you some tools that can help you with your keywords, placements, optimization and more. Besides tools, there are simple steps you may follow in order to increase Quality Score.

If you want to increase your Click-through Rate, the best way to do it is to make your ad interesting for a user to click on. You can achieve that by the use of punctuation in the key areas, making the title a question and ending it with a question mark, ending the final sentence with the string of three periods or with the use of symbols such as $ or % to make your ad stand out.

The use of the same keyword in your Ad Text as well as in the landing page will improve your quality score. For example, if you are offering a special discount or any kind of special offer for that matter, and display it in the ad text, be sure to display it in the landing page as well. Using the keywords that are most relevant to what the users are looking for will tell Google’s algorithm that your landing page is highly relevant to your keyword and your Ad. However, if you have a keyword which receives tons of impressions but has very low Click-through Rate makes sure to pause it as soon as possible as it will only decrease the CTR of your entire campaign.

Also, the use of an outbound links on your landing page that are relevant to your targeted keyword may help you increase your Quality Score. Make sure that the very web page has a good reputation (e.g. Wikipedia). This re-affirms to Google’s AdWords algorithm that your page is directly related to the users search query.

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